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Entity Framework Core – ORM or not ORM

Welcome again! 😊 Just like I mentioned in my previous post about Dependency Injection, Entity Framework (EF) Core is on the tapis today. Entity Framework is a deep subject, so I’ve decided to write a few posts about it. Let’s start! 😊 var entityIsOrm = Entity Framework Core == ORM (Object Relational Mapper); What is […]

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Dependency Injection – Inversion of Control

Today’s topic is Dependency Injection (DI) Did you wonder how to test the application from my previous post? Or maybe what will happen if we change something in ItemsRepository class? If the answer is positive, probably you are right, we will have a problem – problem with dependencies. What is the Dependency Injection? It’s just […]

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Building an API with ASP.NET Core part 2 – What to do when something goes wrong? Meeting status codes

Clarification of GET methods Previously I created the method that is triggered when someone types in www.nameofpage.com/api/item into a browser. I have to admit it wasn’t a great approach because method GetItem should return item that we will choose, not only a specified one. Naturally, in order to give users more possibilities to choose items, we need […]

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Start with ASP.NET Core and Visual Studio 2017

Today I want to focus on my project. I’ve started building my API with ASP.NET Core using Visual Studio 2017, so it’s today subject 😊 Let’s start over – What is ASP.NET Core? ASP.NET Core is a new Microsoft’s framework for web development. What makes it different from ASP.NET 4.6? Cross-platform – It runs and […]

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Introduction to Web development – starting with ASP.NET MVC

Last Tuesday I had a pleasure to give an ASP.NET MVC class. I told participants something about ASP.NET, the MVC pattern and then I showed them how to start with ASP.NET MVC. Today I’m going to sum up my class, just like I gave them my word. What is ASP.NET? ASP.NET is a framework to […]

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GirlzCamp 2017 – new opportunities for girls in IT

Today subject is similar to the previous one, because I’m going to tell you something more about GirlzCamp 2017. GirlzCamp? What is that? It is the day of workshops for Girls, organized by Microsoft on the occasion of Women’s Day. This year was the 3rd edition of that event. It took place at Microsoft office […]

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WROC# 2017 – Develop yourself

Have you ever heard about WROC#? If you call yourself .NET Developer, I’m sure you have ! But if somehow you haven’t – WROC# is a .NET Developers Conference that is held in Wrocław. It’s an opportunity for you to take part in inspiring talks given by world-class keynote speakers. I had an opportunity to […]

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Hey adventure – Get Noticed 2017!

Finally I did it – I’m writing the first post of my life 🙂 The moment after I made this decision I’ve answered three questions as to why I’m starting this blog. Why? It is the last day of Get Noticed (DSP2017 ) registration and it’s my chance to say Hello to you guys! I’ve just […]

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